What is eFeeder?

eFeeder is a desktop application built using electron framework for Windows and Mac machines. It allows secure ingest, categorization, and tagging of assets into the eMAM system.  This native eFeeder enables you to upload files from your PC to any ingest location. With no restrictions on the file number and size, users can either drag & drop and upload the content or use the eFeeder buttons to add a set of files/folders for ingest. 
This eFeeder application supports direct S3, HTTP, FTP, SMB/CIFS/NFS and UDP upload.   It also has a built-in dashboard to monitor the real-time progress of uploads and an option to resubmit the failed entries. The eFeeder has several other useful features, such as simultaneous bulk upload, folder upload, metadata insertion, tagging, and assigning the contents to appropriate categories or projects etc. Users can tag content and specify folder and category locations. One installed, eFeeder app can be registered to point to different eMAM systems.