What are the list of permissions that are assigned at category, asset and user group level?

List of permissions are mentioned below:



Add Comment

Permission to add comments to the asset.

Add Public Tags


Permission to add public tags to the assets. Public tags can be used by eMAM users to search assets.  Each user can create private tags which are available to that user only.


Permission to insert text and graphics data at a specific time in a video asset, and also to add annotation objects such as texts, lines, rectangles, ellipses etc. to image assets.


Permission to view and use Anywhere widget.

Approve or Reject Asset

Permission to Approve or Reject assets sent by another user.

Archive Assets

Permission to move native definition asset from the online storage into the archive location. System maintains the proxy copies and metadata of an asset even if it is archived.

Asset Per page

Permission to view Asset per page option.

Change Face Version

Permission to change Face version of an asset. (Face version is seen during browse and preview).

Change Keyframe

Permission to change default keyframe of assets.

Delete Comment

Permission to delete a comment.

Delete Public Tags


Permission to delete public tags of an asset.

Delivery FTP 

Permission to deliver assets to different FTP locations.

Delivery Network Folder 

Permission to deliver assets to different locations.

Delivery web

Not Applicable

Download File

Permission to download assets.

Edit Public Tags

Permission to edit public tags of an asset.

Embed Code

Permission to generate the embed code for a video.



Permission to ingest assets into eMAM.

Manage Category

Permission to add new category, edit category details, set permissions and user groups and update custom metadata fields.

Manage Projects

Permission to add new projects.


Permission to place markers in video assets.

Metadata mapping

Permission to map custom metadata in eMAM Admin interface.


Permission to view and use Avid DS widget.

Order Placement 

Permission to place eOrders for assets in the eMAM system

Standard Proxy Edit

Permission to perform rough cuts on video assets under Standard tab of Subclips widget.

TX Proxy Edit

Permission to perform rough cuts on video assets under TX tab of Subclips widget.

Purge Assets

Permission to delete assets from storages.

Rate Asset

Permission to rate the assets by clicking on the rating bubble at the top of asset preview window.

Reports Generation

Permission to generate reports.


Permission to re-upload an asset. It is used to link different versions of an asset to the face version.

Send for External Approval


Permission to send an asset to another eMAM user for external approval.

Send for Internal Approval 

Permission to send an asset as an email to someone for Internal Approval. This allows one-time access to an asset to someone who is NOT an authorized user.


Permission to use Sort option.


Permission to use different themes.



Permission to use Timeline and Timeline Preview widget.

Update Metadata 

Permission to update asset metadata.

View Asset

Permission to view assets.

View Asset History

Permission to view History widget.

View Comment

Permission to view comments about an asset.

View eBIN


Permission to view and use eBIN features.

View eSEND


Permission to view eSEND option.

View eShare


Permission to view eShare option.