How to add FFMPEG as a delivery profile?

To add FFMPEG as a delivery profile, follow the steps below:
  1. Login to eMAM Super Admin interface and go to Delivery Profiles tab.
  2. Under Manage Transcode Servers, enter below details:
  • Transcode Profile Name- Name of the server where the transcode service is installed.
  • Transcoder Server IP/Host Name- IP of the server where transcode service is installed.
  • Transcode Server: Select from the list of transcode servers available.
  • Transcoder Type: Select Command Line as transcoder type:
    • Video Settings- Specify the app path for the video transcoding
    • Audio Settings- Specify the app path for the audio transcoding
    • Thumbnail Settings- Specify the app path for thumbnail generation (Delivery service doesn't generate thumbnails, so this field can be left blank if this transcode server is used for delivery only). Video, audio and thumbnail parameters are the preset settings of the transcoder used to create video proxy, audio proxy and thumbnails Example: For FFMPEG transcoding, you must use the following parameters:
      • Video Settings parameter: -i "eSourceFile" -y -s 640x360 -b:v 1024k -vcodeclibx264 -r eSourceFrameRate -movflags faststart -pix_fmt yuv420p"eDestPath\eFileName.mp4"
      • Audio Settings Parameter: -i "eSourceFile" -y -ab 128k eDestPath\eFileName.mp3"
      • Sequence Params- -(Delivery service doesn't generate thumbnails, so   this field can be left blank if this transcode server is used for delivery onl
3. Under Manage Delivery Profiles>
    Delivery Profiles tab, enter below details:
  • Profile Name– Name of the delivery profile to identify.
    • eMAM Delivery Server- Choose the server which will process the jobs that are queued with that delivery profile.
    • Delivery Type- Select Transcode Delivery as Delivery Type.
    • Transcode Server: Choose FFMPEG.
    • Include Asset (Check box): Enable to include the assets.
    • Include File Attachments (Check box): Enable to include file attachments for delivery.
    • Include EDL (Check box): Enable to include the EDL (Edit decision List).
    • Include eMAM Metadata XML (Check box): Enable to include the eMAM Metadata XML.
    • Include Sidecar file (Check box) Option to include sidecar file with the metadata contents. eMAM Delivery Service can create a Custom Sidecar File from the basic file properties (title, author, Description, File name extension, Asset ID UUID, Original virtual path, Original cloud virtual path, current original virtual path, Proxy virtual path, Proxy cloud virtual path, current proxy virtual path, Delivered Filename) and custom metadata that are added as variables in the file definition. 
    • Delivery Location Type: Choose Network, San, FTP or S3
    • Network UNC Path: Enter network UNC path.
    • Rename duplicate filename(s) in the destination- (checkbox) If enabled, duplicate files will be renamed at the destination.
    • Keep source folder at destination- (checkbox)- Check this option to deliver the assets so that the source folder hierarchy is maintained. This will help deliver entire folder, along with its assets and sub folders to any destination.
    • Enable notification: (Check box) Check it to enable notifications as part of delivery. Click on icon to define delivery notification variables.
Users tab: Users tab displays the list of all eMAM users. Select the users with whom you would like to associate with the new delivery profile created, by checking the check boxes and click Save. Use Select All option to select all users at one click.
  • Click on Save to Save the changes.
For any further assistance, please contact eMAM support at