What is eMAM Vault?

eMAM Vault
eMAM Vault provides complete archive and storage management with most of the features of the eMAM system. The simple eMAM browser interface can now manage storage, processing, and archive offering a smart, cost-effective solution. Users can quickly search and preview media using online proxies, while the original high resolution content can be securely archived to LTO. High speed transcoding allows users to make numerous formats as required and deliver to editing systems, play out servers, websites, mobile devices, and more.  Users can use partial file restore with supported archive systems. 

eMAM Vault runs on one or two Windows servers. It includes licensing for 10 active defined users. It offers storage and archive management from most commonly used systems locally or in the cloud. There are no limits on the number of files or the size of the supported library.

  • Simple browser interface: Nearline and archived content can be accessed from any web browser.
  • Easily accessible: The powerful search engine makes it easy to find content using embedded and customized metadata.
  • Secure: Original content is archived securely on LTO, while proxies can be viewed by users or user groups with permission. Downloads and other functions can all be restricted.
  • Workflow tools: The system powers online collaboration, rough cuts, approvals, and more.
  • Flexible delivery: Content can be transcoded and delivered as needed.