How do I configure Wasabi as an Archive and Storage destination in eMAM?

Wasabi is a simple, fast, secure, enterprise class, tier-free, instantly available cloud storage solution that allows you to affordably store an infinite amount of data.  eMAM partners with Wasabi to offer its customers a high-performance media management and integrated cloud storage solution at a cheaper cost. This combined solution helps customers store and manage enormous media contents cost effectively from legacy storage systems, ensuring improved productivity, accelerated production cycles and slashed expenses.
eMAM can use Wasabi as Storage and Archive destinations. To configure Wasabi as a Storage and Archive profile in the eMAM Super Admin interface, you would need configuration level changes in the below consoles:
  • Wasabi Console
  • Super Admin Console

Wasabi Console Configurations

1.Sign into Wasabi console using your account.

2.Click on Create Bucket button and create separate buckets for storage and archive.    
3. All the created buckets will get listed as shown below.
4.Next create a User. Under IAM tab, click on Users tab on the left pane and then click on Create User button.
5.Assign the user to Groups, give control access, attach polices and finally click on Create User button to create a User.
6.Copy the Access Key and Secret Key to the clipboard also download the access key and secret key details as csv format to your machine for future use. Click on Close button.

Super Admin Configurations

Login to eMAM Super Admin interface with your eMAM account.
1.To create a Storage profile using Wasabi, go to the Storage Configuration tab. Under Manage Cloud Storages, enter below details and click on Save button.
2. Enter Wasabi cloud storage details separately for both original and proxy files. Use the Access Key And Secret Key from the Wasabi console to connect to the original and proxy storage buckets created in the Wasabi console. Note: The Wasabi S3 endpoint is
3. Go to the Ingest Profiles tab. Under Manage Ingest Profiles, configure below details to choose ingest storage location as Wasabi:
4. To create a Wasabi Archive profile, go the Archive tab and fill in below details under Manage Archive Host servers tab. Use the same Access Key and Secret Key copied from the Wasabi console to connect to the archive bucket created in the Wasabi console. Note: The Wasabi S3 endpoint is

Your Wasabi profiles are now ready to be used as archive and storage locations in the eMAM system.

For any further assistance and help, please contact eMAM Support at