Can we schedule a workflow? If yes, how do we do it?

Yes, you can schedule a workflow to be executed at a particular date and time. To create a scheduled workflow, follow sample steps below :
  1.  In the Admin Tools page, create a Schedule Metadata field and associate it with a Metadata Group and Metadata Set.e.g.: Embargo Date>DIST Series>DHX
2. In the Super Admin interface, create a workflow with Event Type as Scheduler.E.g.: Image to be moved to XYZ category on 20th Feb 2019,  9:00 am.
3. In eMAM Director Interface, under Metadata widget go to the Metadata group tab. In the Schedule Metadata field, select a date from the calendar and enter a time. Click on Save Metadata,
Automatically a workflow will be triggered on 9:00 am 20th Feb and this asset will be moved to XYZ category.
Similarly, multiple workflows can be created for scheduled triggers,

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