Can a workflow be scheduled for a particular date and time?

Yes, eMAM users can easily schedule their workflows to be executed at a particulate date and time.
With this workflow scheduler feature, you can now schedule the execution date and time for a series of workflow actions for an asset using the schedule metadata field. Scheduled workflows can be used to execute actions including delivery, archive, AI indexing, asset purging, changing metadata, API/Email notifications and managing categories/projects. If all the conditions are met, the scheduled workflow action will be performed at the specified date and time. 
Note: These actions are not recurring:  they are singular events for a specific asset which will be executed one time only. 

To create a scheduled workflow, you need:
  • “Schedule” Metadata field type: Create a new metadata field with “Schedule” as the metadata type in the Admin Tools page. 
  • Define Date and Time for “Schedule” metadata field: Set the date and time to execute the scheduled workflow actin under the Metadata widget.
  • “Scheduler” Event Type: A new Event type “Scheduler” has been introduced, using which, you can create a workflow and set the conditions and timing to perform a specific action.
Let's create a scheduled workflow to move image assets to XYZ category on 20th Feb 2019, 9:00 am:
  1. In the Admin Tools page, create a Metadata field with Schedule as metadata field type and associate it with a Metadata Group and Metadata Set. e.g.: Embargo Date>DIST Series>DHX

2. In the Super Admin interface, create a workflow with Event Type- Scheduler, Asset type equals images, Action type- Manage Category, Operation Type- Move, To Category- select XYZ category from the drop-down. Workflow:  Images to be moved to XYZ category on 20th Feb 2019, 9:00 am.
3. In the eMAM Director Interface, under Metadata widget, go to the Metadata group tab. In the Schedule Metadata field, select 20th Feb 2019 from the calendar and enter time as 9:00. Click on Save Metadata button.

4. On meeting all the conditions, automatically this workflow will get executed on 9:00 am 20th Feb 2019 and this asset will be moved to XYZ category.
Note: Scheduled workflow will be executed only for those assets which have the Schedule metadata value set.

Similarly, multiple workflows can be created using workflow schedulers.

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