What are the steps to check if the Upload Manager is working or not?

Follow the steps below to check if uploading is not working 

1. Check whether the Transcode manager URL provided in Super Admin -> Server management-> eMAM Transcode Manager is correct.

2. Check whether the Upload manager URL is accessible. Replace 'IP address or domain name' with corresponding values and access it in a browser (you will get the URL from step 1). Also, use either http or https.

If the Upload manager is running fine, you will get the result as shown above. If the URL is not accessible, please check step 3 and 4.

3. Check if the eMAM Upload Manager service is running or not. Upload Manager service will be available mostly either in the eMAM Application server if not in the eMAM Web server.

In order to go to the Services list -> Open Run ->type 'services.msc' and hit Enter, it will be directed to the services. Search for the eMAM Uploaded Manager.

4. Check whether the port is enabled or not.
    For that, we can do a telnet to port 8080 by executing the below command in the Command Prompt
                              telnet IP address/domain 8080
If you fail to telnet the port, then please contact your IT team regarding the same, since this has to be opened from your external or internal firewalls.

5. If the SSL certification has enabled, then try to access the upload URL using https.
If the above URL is not accessible check whether the port 8443(using step 3) is enabled in the firewall.

6. Please try to access the Upload Manager in the server (where the uploader service is running) with the port number 8080, that means instead of IP address and domain name, we have to replace it with localhost 
    If the URL is accessible from the server and not accessible from outside then, it may be due to an error in IP or Domain resolving which needs to be looked by your IT team. 
    If the URL is not accessible internally, please open command prompt from the upload manager server and use the command netstat. Please check the status of the port 8080 or 8443. If that is Close_Wait status, we need to kill that port.

If all the above steps working fine, and still you face issues, please contact eMAM Support at support@emamonline.com