How to replace an original file using Associate Metadata option via XML ingest?

How to replace an original file using Associate Metadata option via XML ingest

 You can easily associate the Original, Proxy and Mezzanine formats to an existing asset or placeholder, using Associate Metadata option in the XML ingest.

Sample XML file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<eMAM user-key="mM1o9aWH%2fsA3yWjrpiF0jN0ncLOn8pGN6qmzr4oyEjphEpRlHUmaTw%3d%3d">
<asset asset-id="1164" ingest-action="associate-metadata" file-name=Stock Footage_file version.mp4 " version-id="1171">
<associate file-type="original" file-action="copy" file-exist-action="replace" file-name="Rhino Attacks and Kills a" file-path="\\\UNIT_1\Ingest_XML" />

In the above XML, the asset with filename "Rhino Attacks and Kills a" will be updated as the original version of asset "Stock Footage_file version.mp4".

  • After creating the XML, it will be good if you could validate the XML using any online software or try to open it in Mozilla Firefox browser.  If the XML is shown as a result, then there won't be a schematic error.  
  • After all the required details are entered in the XML, drop the XML to the corresponding sidecar ingest profile folder.
  • You can monitor the status of the ingest in the eMAM Director>Dashboard widget> Ingest tab.
  • If the XML processing fails, you will get a corresponding error response under description column in the Dashboard. You can correct the same and re-ingest or resubmit it replacing the old one.

For any further assistance, please get in touch with eMAM support at