What is partial restore of archived assets?

Partial Restore option partially restores video assets from the secondary storage (LTO Tapes to the eMAM system) and then deliver the assets to a particular location. You need to select the start point and end point of the video and click on Partial Restore. You will be prompted to select the delivery profile.

Note: Partial Restore option is only supported by SGL, Attempo and Blackpearl storage locations. Assets archived to these locations (non-existent in eMAM Managed storage) with Partial Restore File option enabled, will display additional Partial Restore button under Subclips widget (as shown below).


Click on Partial Restore button to deliver this subclip. Select the desired delivery profile from the list of delivery profiles listed in the new window and click on Add button. Job gets successfully gets added the delivery queue.

However, SGL does not support partial restore for video formats like wmv, or mp4. Partial restore can only be done on video formats like dns, mx, dso...