"File missing for processing" error message displayed even though the upload was successful from eFeeder in MAC.

"File missing for processing" error message displayed even though the upload was successful from eFeeder in MAC

eMAM Feeder is a desktop application for PCs or laptops (Windows and MAC ). It allows secure ingest, categorization, and tagging of assets into the eMAM system. eMAM Feeder can upload bulk assets from your system to the eMAM application even if users do not have access to the eMAM library. eMAM Feeder dashboard provides details of the assets uploaded, and you can resubmit or delete the file(s) that encounter errors during the upload. In the eMAM versions prior to version 5.0, eFeeder in MAC machines used the SMB (samba) service for file transfer from the local path to the ingest path but it was a slow process.

In order to tackle this situation, we implemented the auto mount feature in MAC. When we open the eFeeder in Mac, Feeder will mount the ingest paths which are associated with the corresponding user as a local volume which will be a hidden volume and will make the file transfer process much faster. However, if any network issue occurs, the auto mounted volume can be partially unmounted but the eFeeder will not know this. In such cases, when the user tries to upload an asset, eFeeder will write the asset to the local hidden volume (which is unmounted). The Ingest manager will search for the asset to process, but since the file is missing, an error will be thrown as 'File missing for Processing'.

In order to overcome the above issue, firstly we need to check the local hidden volume for assets which will be in /Users/Shared/EmamFeederConfig/mnt/ path. 
The folders inside the mnt folder will be named with a dot(.) followed by ingest profile id (1,2,3 etc.). 

Since the ingest failed even though the upload was successful, we need to re-ingest those files. To do so, follow the steps below: 
  1. Close the eFeeder.
  2. Take the backup of assets from the mnt folder.
  3. Un mount the hidden volume using below command"
    diskutil unmount force /Users/Shared/EmamFeederConfig/mnt  

   4. Open the eFeeder, it will remount the ingest path as a local volume. 
   5. Re-upload the assets and now the ingest will be successful.

For any further assistance, please get in touch with eMAM support at support@emamonline.com