How to configure eTube connector?

To configure eTube connector, follow the steps below:
Step 1: Copy "eTube" folder in “C:\Program Files\Empress Media
Step 2: Make sure that CGI service is enabled in IIS.
 Please refer the below link :
Step 3: Open Server Manager> Dashboard and click on Add Roles and Features Wizard.
Step 4: Click Next.
Step 5: Select Role-based or Feature-based installation radial icon.
Step 6: Now click on Select a server from the server pool radial icon.

Step 7: Locate web server (IIS) option and expand it. Again expand web server from the list appeared.
Step 8: Select ISAPI extensions and click Next and install it.
Step 9: Once it is completed, go to and download the latest version of Python.
Step 10: Run the Python setup and make sure to set the  installation path as C:\Python37. Python37 denotes python 3.7, you can change the folder name according to python version.
               But ensure, the folder is first child of C:\ drive, not inside any other folder.
Step 11: Now install wfastcgi. Open command prompt and execute pip install wfastcgi
Step 12: After installing wfastcgi, again open Command Prompt with “Run as Administrator” and enable fastcgi.
Step 13: Go to C:\Python37\lib\site-packages folder and copy file.
Step 14: Paste to "C:\Program Files\Empress Media\eTube" folder.
Step 15: Open CMD and enter “cd C:\python37”.
Step 16: Enter “python “C:\Program Files\Empress Media\eTube\” install”.
Step 17: Create a new application, "eTube" in IIS pointing to "C:\Program Files\Empress Media\eTube" directory. Assign administrator privilege to the application.
Step 18: Select eTube and go to "Handler Mapping" in IIS.
Step 19: Select "Add Module Mapping" and assign the following values.
Request path: *
Module: FastCgiModule
Executable: C:\Python37\python.exe|"C:\Program Files\Empress Media\eTube\"
Name: eTubeHandler
Step 20: Click "Request Restrictions". Make sure "Invoke handler only if request is mapped to:" checkbox is unchecked.
Step 21: Select OK. If a warning popup, click "Yes".
Step 22: Go to the root server settings and click "FastCGI Settings".
Step 23: Double click on the "C:\Python37\python.exe", where the argument is "C:\Program Files\Empress Media\eTube\"
Step: 24:  Goto Application pools in IIS and associate Administrator account with default application pool 
 Step 25: Under "FastCGI Properties" -> "General" select Environment Variables. A "..." button will appear now, click that button. Add the following variables.
2:Value : C:\Program Files\Empress Media\eTube\
2:Value :
Step 26: Go to eMAM Super Admin (http://localhost/eMAMSuperAdmin) and create the desired workflow.
1.Set Action Type as Notify.
2.Put the following string as body.
{"file": "%e_FILE_FullHighResVirtualPath%",
"title": "%e_FILE_Title%",
"description": "%e_FILE_Description%",
"category_id": "22",
"privacy_status": "public"
3 Select URI and enter the eTube URL, http://localhost/eTube/upload_video (Replace localhost with server address).
Save the workflow.
Step 27: Go to Login with account. Select Credentials.
Step 28: Select etube
Step:29  Add http://localhost/eTube/youtube_callback under Authorized redirect URIs. And click SAVE
Step 30: Now go to C:\Program Files\Empress Media\eTube and edit Edit the Redirect URL and replace the localhost with the public Server IP or domain name
Step 30: Downloaded Client secret file from Google developer page and placed inside eTube folder 
Step 31: Go to http://localhost/eTube/connect  (replace localhost with iPaddress )
               This will redirect user to Google OAuth page. Provide Google account credential and Allow eMAM to access your YouTube channel.
For any further assistance, please get in touch with eMAM support at