How to enable cross-domain access for IBM cloud storage?

Similar to IIS, eMAM allows cross domain access to view thumbnails and preview for assets with proxy in cloud. 
For IBM cloud storage, we can get that done by using our sample APP. (See below):
  1. You can get the sample app downloaded from : S3UploaderRelease.txt
  2. After download, please rename the .txt to .zip, i.e: S3UploaderRelease.txt to
  3. Extract the zip file and open S3Uploader.exe from the Release folder.
  4. Key in the Service URL, Access Key and Secret Key.
      5. The "List Buckets" option will list all the buckets available on the right hand side of the page.
     6. Choose and specify the "Existing Bucket Name"from the list Buckets displayed and hit "List Objects" to display the results on the right hand side of the page.
    7. At the bottom, key in  * for 'Origin to enable CORS' and hit 'PUT CORS'. You will receive a successful message on the right hand side.
   8. After completing the PUT CORS, you can preview the assets from cloud in eMAM.