How to configure Mezzanine in eMAM?

Below are the steps to configure Mezzanine in eMAM: (Make sure the script to show the Mezzanine field in the Ingest profile is executed in the database).
1. Login to eMAM Super Admin interface and go to the Ingest profile tab.
2. Select Manage ingest profile and select the Ingest profile which you want to edit, then click on the edit icon as showed in the picture.
3. Click on Advanced Settings.
4. Under the Advanced Settings window, go to the Transcode tab and click on the edit icon to edit the mezzanine.
5. Add the  Transcode Preset :

    -i "eSourceFile" -y -r eSourceFrameRate -acodec libmp3lame -ab 192 "" (You can configure your required format here)

6. Select the Platform Location as Original folder or Proxy folder and will save in selected location. If you enable any Platform Options (Download/Playback/Premiere), you can download, playback and import asset to Premiere which can be used for editing process. Now click OK to save the configuration.
7. Please restart the Ingest Manager service.
For any further assistance, please contact eMAM Support.