How to get the language pack id from Avid DS and eMAM?

When a workflow is triggered, eMAM pushes the assets for indexing using Avid DS.
eMAM passes information like asset name, UUID, asset proxy location and some basic metadata details to the Avid connector index URI.
Along with this, eMAM will also pass the language pack id for Dialogue search which will be setup on customer preference.
You can view the language pack id here:
Empress Media->eMAMNexidiaConnector->Web.config
In order check which all language pack ids are installed over Avid server, follow the steps below:
  1. Open CMD on Avid server.
  2. Go to location C:\Program Files\Nexidia\Search Grid 3.0\bin using 'cd C:\Program Files\Nexidia\Search Grid 3.0\bin
  3. Open Management Console-> Management-Console.cmd
  4. It will prompt for user credentials. User: admin Password: admin
  5. To view the language pack id, use the command-> get-languagepack
From Avid DS Admin page, you can view the asset details which includes the basic metadata, asset name, UUID etc. and language pack id that is used to index assets.
  1. Go to Avid Admin interface -> http://localhost/dsadmin/#admin
  2. Select Assets tab which includes all the assets which indexed using Avid DS
  3. To view asset details, click on the Asset details button for the corresponding asset.
Please reach out to eMAM Support if you need any further assistance.