How to configure Gmail SMTP in eMAM?

If you are facing issue with sending emails (eSend) using Gmail SMTP in eMAM, which was working earlier. But due to some security reason over Google, you are not able to use the mail server.

So in order to overcome this, you need to do some security updates on Gmail server account.

Please follow steps below:

  • Login to Gmail account(Gmail server account). Go to Google Account settings.



  • Go to Sign-in & Security

  • Under Password & sign-in Method, select 2-Step verification. For that, you need to provide your Phone number, which Google will send you a code, then enter the code and complete the verification process in following pages and Turn on the 2-Step verification. So while doing this if you log in to the corresponding Gmail account there will be a 2 step verification which includes the account password and verification code(which you receive in the phone)


  • After the above steps, Go back to Password & sign-in Method there you can see an option for setting App Passwords.

  • Click on App Passwords, So here we need to set a password for mailing app from a windows machine(since we are SMTP client for sending emails from a windows machine).

  • Select the app->Mail and select the device as Windows computer and hit on Generate. So this will generate a random 16 digit password, copy that password, which we need to provide over SMTP configuration in eMAM super admin under unit settings.


  • Next, we need to configure the SMTP over super admin configuration under unit settings. Provide the following details over respective fields.

SMTP Host:

SMTP UserName:

SMTP Password: bvfofuuibngnalpx (App password generated)

SMTP Port: 587

SMTP Sender Address:

Enable SSL

  • Go to eMAM Director and do the eSend, we were able to successfully send the email.