Does eMAM support DPX format?

Yes, we support DPX ingest through Feeder.
  1. Just drag & drop the DPX sequence folder to the feeder. It will automatically detect the DPX sequence and warn the user about any broken sequences.
  2. Select the destination to ingest profile and upload.
  3. eMAM will create the H.264 proxy file of the DPX sequence and consolidate the sequence into a ZIP64 container. We need PKZIP server for that workflow and which is an additional $299. From pkware.
As it makes a ZIP64 container, this workflow is not suitable for NLE editing because editing systems cannot connect to a ZIP64 file. So, suitable for the archive workflow. But, we can create a Mezzanine file for editing workflow.
Another place to look is to make sure the .dpx extension is located in either the image ( if the .dpx is an image file)  or the Image sequence value (if the .dpx is a video.) You would want it in one or the other location.